Key American humanists scoff at “SJW”-accusations against the Reason Rally

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 13.06.2016 kl 09:38

Leading atheist blogger Hemant Mehta and AHA-head Roy Speckhardt reject claims that the disappointing turnout at The Reason Rally 2016 was due to a hijack by “Social Justice Warriors”.

– The worst enemy of religion is the Internet

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It was difficult, but this summer "The Friendly Atheist" Hemant Mehta, the man behind one of America's best known atheist blogs, chose to terminate his teacher job.

«Growth of the religiously un-affiliated not linked to personal faith»

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«They enjoy being obnoxious», American sociologist Claude Fischer says about the new atheists. He also claims religious faith in the US is not declining. (Sept. 16, 2014)

Humanism beyond New Atheism

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To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose, or so the bible says. In 2010 I think its worth asking if New Atheism is still the right...

Life stance policy-commission with a high proportion of christians

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Secretary General of the Church City Mission Sturla Stålsett will supervise the efforts to arrive at a more comprehensive life stance policy. Bente Sa...

Atheists should be allowed to argue their case

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 31.03.2009 kl 12:37

- The new atheists' principal fault would seem to be failure to abide by the rule that demands "respect for religion", philosopher George Williamson claims. He strongly disagrees with Julian Baggini's assertion that the new atheism-movement is counter-productive.

The New Atheist Movement is destructive

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 19.03.2009 kl 13:13

- The antitheism of the four horsemen is for me a backwards step. It reinforces what I believe is a myth, that an atheist without a bishop to bash is like a fish without water, Julian Baggini writes.

BAD RELIGION - an encounter with a humanist punk professor

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 08.10.2008 kl 14:56

#- Punk and humanism are two sides of the same coin. has talked to Greg Graffin, biology professor and lead singer of the punk band Bad Re...

Øystein Elgarøy - Christian defender turned atheist

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 27.06.2008 kl 09:43

#A short time ago, astrophysics professor Øystein Elgarøy was a well-known liberal Christian, who defended his faith in articles and debate meetings. ...

Did somebody tune the natural constants?

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# Commentary/Review by astrophysics professor Øystein Elgarøy, University of Oslo Norwegian version published June 6, 2008 The laws of physics includ...

- Norwegian Humanist Association cannot annex humanism, christian humanist says

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 20.06.2008 kl 10:30

#- The Norwegian Humanist Association (NHA) is in no position to annex this word, says Director of the Nansen Academy, Dag Hareide. Text: Even Gran N...

NRK breaks the Christian monopoly

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 20.06.2008 kl 09:50

#- We want to make way for more open preaching, not as before limiting our services to Christian preaching only, says NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corp...

The Norwegian Humanist Association on the State-church issue: - A decisive break-through

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 18.04.2008 kl 13:42

#The settlement regarding the State/Church represents a decisive break-through for the viewpoints of the Norwegian Humanist Association (NHA), asserts...

State/church-bonds loosened, but Labour and Centre leave a contingency

Publisert: - Oppdatert: 18.04.2008 kl 11:47

#In 2012 the Norwegian Church will be allowed to elect its own leaders, and the ties between state and church will be loosened. However, this is conti...